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Save time and money taking your own website photos

Post I wrote on Save time and money taking your own website photos Scott Winterroth Scott is an avid blogger, marketer and PR pro specializing in digital and social media strategy. He’s an entrepreneur and is currently the lead co-founder of Please follow me on Twitter. Continue Reading

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[Infographic] Dissecting the WordPress Plugin Profile

As the world of WordPress becomes increasingly popular, plugin developers only have a few micro-seconds to capture someone’s attention when the prospective user is searching for new plugin to fill a need. Today, With over 32,786 plugins in the repository, there’s definitely a lot more choices – and a lot of plugins that create similar functions and… Continue Reading

Great Plugins Start With Winning Descriptions

There’s no doubt that writing (as in code) a plugin can be a time-consuming process but, in reality, it’s only one-half of the equation when it comes to building the next big thing. Crafting powerful plugin descriptions and documentation can take a cut-rate plugin and turn it into the next big thing. Think about it,… Continue Reading