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Monthly Archives: November 2014

How to Attempt to Infiltrate a Saturated Search Term

Like a 16-year-old eyeing a new car, business owners often get caught up trying to rank in one particular search rather than optimizing for a bigger picture strategy. Even as SEO consultants, there are times you just want to dive in and go for the gold of a top-level search. Getting your website to rank… Continue Reading

Tips for Crafting Your Own Plugin Reviews

Use my free template to help guide you through writing a solid WordPress plugin review.   There are many advantages to writing a WordPress plugin review. It can be a great way to contribute and promote the WordPress community by sharing great tools and showcasing how plugins work. A plugin review can also be an avenue… Continue Reading

So what’s a Keyword, Anyway?

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), from simply understanding what a keyword is to how to identify appropriate primary keywords for a given website. In this post and the next few to follow, let’s examine the fundamentals behind SEO keyword research. In the practice of SEO, the term “keyword”… Continue Reading