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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Doesn’t that exist already?

I love sharing startup ideas and providing feedback to others, but it’s a let down when I hear “Isn’t that idea out there already?”  After I process it, I like to take a moment to think about the concept at hand.  I almost always come to the conclusion that you can have competition, you just… Continue Reading

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

On October 13, I had the honor to guest lecture at Northern Illinois University as part of the annual Dr. Albert Walker lecture series. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Walker because our paths wouldn’t quite cross but his legacy within the department would impact me very much. Dr. Walker established… Continue Reading

WordPress Page Builders take the critical stage

WordPress Page Builders plugins are often loved by users and in-between WordPress developers for their flexibility to allow almost anyone to visually design, or layout, a web page. Programming purists like Pippin Williamson often curse them because their “lack of standardization” which causes incompatibilities with other plugins and deviate away from the core WordPress user experience.… Continue Reading