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Find a great programmer/developer, you’re one step closer to building your product. Find a programmer/developer who is also a solid Ux/Ui designer, hire them. In a rare chance, you run into someone that has working experience in programming, design, and marketing. They are your future CEO. Scott Winterroth Scott is an avid blogger, marketer and… Continue Reading

Domain names are like cars; the good ones cost a lot.

Investing in domain names is sort of like collecting vintage cars.  Short domain names are the most desirable and a brandable 4-letter domain such as “” is the Rolls Royce of the domaining industry.  They’re easy to remember and short enough to type into a mobile phone’s web browser.  They also come with sort of a status… Continue Reading

Doesn’t that exist already?

I love sharing startup ideas and providing feedback to others, but it’s a let down when I hear “Isn’t that idea out there already?”  After I process it, I like to take a moment to think about the concept at hand.  I almost always come to the conclusion that you can have competition, you just… Continue Reading

It’s not what; but why…

I stumbled upon this great TED Talk from Simon Sinek from 2009 regarding How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It’s my “Nugget of the Week” because Sinek has some very valid points. Consumers don’t buy what you make; they buy into why you make it. His example of Dell Computer’s failed attempt at making an MP3… Continue Reading

No one will really know about your failures; only your wins

via GIPHY   Continuing on with my unintended Shark Tank theme and since I just finished Mark Cuban’s book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, I’m feeling a bit inspired. Mr. Cuban emphases about how winning required a lot of reading and consuming information. Books, magazines, blogs, software manuals, etc. and the willingness… Continue Reading

Herjavec’s 10 Rules

Herjavec’s 10 Rules

Happened to stumble upon a couple of interviews with Robert Herjavec. You make know of him from the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank, but long story short he is an immigrant rags-to-riches success story and the founder of a Canadian tech company. Within his 10-rules to success video, Herjavec outlines the following: Be Great at One… Continue Reading

Rapido Event with IABC Chicago

  I had the honor to speak with 8 very distinguished communication professionals at the IABC Chicago Rapido: Communication Game Changers event held at the AKA Media Inc offices.  Thank you Jim O’Reilly! The format was amazing, 9 presenters and they all had 5 minutes to share their idea in a “rapid fire” format. Really… Continue Reading

Recent interviews with local startups

Here are a few recent interviews of local startup founders that we’ve posted on  I say we because Maddy Osman wrote one of them. Reading others startup founders stories can be very inspiring, plus each interview comes with a startup book recommendation! Backspace App – Justin Romano and Matt Harris Karen Orlich of k.o. kidz… Continue Reading