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Domain names are like cars; the good ones cost a lot.

Investing in domain names is sort of like collecting vintage cars.  Short domain names are the most desirable and a brandable 4-letter domain such as “” is the Rolls Royce of the domaining industry.  They’re easy to remember and short enough to type into a mobile phone’s web browser.  They also come with sort of a status… Continue Reading

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

On October 13, I had the honor to guest lecture at Northern Illinois University as part of the annual Dr. Albert Walker lecture series. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Walker because our paths wouldn’t quite cross but his legacy within the department would impact me very much. Dr. Walker established… Continue Reading

All odds are against your blog’s survival

All odds are against your blog’s survival

I was pleasantly distracted by an interesting presentation from WordCamp Israel. Automattic ( data scientist Boris Gorelik shared his findings on blogger attrition rates compared with social engagement. Gorelik’s research findings focused on the survival rate of bloggers after one year. He combed blogs that had at least one post and received at least one… Continue Reading

Google killed the popup star

The World Wide Web turned 25 years old on Tuesday and since almost the beginning we have been inundated with many types of obtrusive marketing pop ups, unders, drop downs and more. On the same day as the web’s anniversary, the megalord decider of the modern internet – Google – made an announcement on their Webmasters Blog outlining they… Continue Reading

I won’t write this post in 2020

Online video is here to say and if you think about why it makes perfect sense. Smartphones and mobile broadband paved the way for live streaming of almost anything, anywhere. In fact, I should stop writing this and whip out my phone to record my thoughts with Facebook Live. The video post will likely reach… Continue Reading

Adwords Pay-Per-Click vs. SEO

I field a lot of questions about search engine optimization aka SEO.  Everyone is looking to get better search results in Google and is willing to do whatever it takes to do it.  I will say there are things one can do to optimize their website to assist search engines to better index content. Unfortunately,… Continue Reading

Rapido Event with IABC Chicago

  I had the honor to speak with 8 very distinguished communication professionals at the IABC Chicago Rapido: Communication Game Changers event held at the AKA Media Inc offices.  Thank you Jim O’Reilly! The format was amazing, 9 presenters and they all had 5 minutes to share their idea in a “rapid fire” format. Really… Continue Reading

On the shelf life of valuable content

  At model train shows, there is typically a table filled with old train magazines dating back to the 1970s and beyond. And by the end of every show, the table is almost always cleared. Attendees pick though the mags for ideas, pictures and possibly even the articles. Sitting at the booth next to the… Continue Reading

Blogging, what’s the point.

At various workshops and meetups, I field a lot of questions on why someone should blog.  They simply don’t see the point. For me, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t maintain a personal blog.  It’s a great way to highlight who you are, participate in the digital mindshare and it’s basically free to get started.… Continue Reading