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Merry Christmas 2016

From our family to yours, may your holiday be filled with plenty of joy and good cheer. Fröhliche Weihnachten – Scott, Heather and Archimedes the Half Bengal. And now, entertain yourself on our holiday photo bloopers.    Scott Winterroth Scott is an avid blogger, marketer and PR pro specializing in digital and social media strategy.… Continue Reading

One year of the WWW!

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Heather and I made our way out to the suburbs to share the traditional turkey meal with the family. I’m home now, trying to stay productive before I pass out with a turkey-induced food coma. New milestone: One year of The Weekly Wrap! We’re… Continue Reading


I can’t believe I’m writing this but the Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions, ending a 108-year drought.  It was a brutal series against the very capable Cleveland Indians (And with mixed emotions with extended family in Ohio) but the Cubs won Game 7 by one run. I know that everyone in Chicago has a similar story but… Continue Reading

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

Managing trust; how gatekeepers faded into influencers. 

On October 13, I had the honor to guest lecture at Northern Illinois University as part of the annual Dr. Albert Walker lecture series. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Walker because our paths wouldn’t quite cross but his legacy within the department would impact me very much. Dr. Walker established… Continue Reading

Crazy dreams can come true.

Crazy dreams can come true.

  Think this dream has a deeper meaning… #Dreamscancometrue! @marcuslemonis @mannysdeli @TheProfitCNBC #pitching — Scott Winterroth (@swinterroth) September 8, 2016   The deeper meaning I took out of this is being prepared for the unexpected.  Becuase you never know when you will get that 60-second chance to change your world. Scott Winterroth Scott is… Continue Reading

It’s not what; but why…

I stumbled upon this great TED Talk from Simon Sinek from 2009 regarding How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It’s my “Nugget of the Week” because Sinek has some very valid points. Consumers don’t buy what you make; they buy into why you make it. His example of Dell Computer’s failed attempt at making an MP3… Continue Reading

No one will really know about your failures; only your wins

via GIPHY   Continuing on with my unintended Shark Tank theme and since I just finished Mark Cuban’s book, How to Win at the Sport of Business, I’m feeling a bit inspired. Mr. Cuban emphases about how winning required a lot of reading and consuming information. Books, magazines, blogs, software manuals, etc. and the willingness… Continue Reading

I won’t write this post in 2020

Online video is here to say and if you think about why it makes perfect sense. Smartphones and mobile broadband paved the way for live streaming of almost anything, anywhere. In fact, I should stop writing this and whip out my phone to record my thoughts with Facebook Live. The video post will likely reach… Continue Reading