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How to Attempt to Infiltrate a Saturated Search Term

Like a 16-year-old eyeing a new car, business owners often get caught up trying to rank in one particular search rather than optimizing for a bigger picture strategy. Even as SEO consultants, there are times you just want to dive in and go for the gold of a top-level search. Getting your website to rank… Continue Reading

So what’s a Keyword, Anyway?

There are plenty of misconceptions regarding keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), from simply understanding what a keyword is to how to identify appropriate primary keywords for a given website. In this post and the next few to follow, let’s examine the fundamentals behind SEO keyword research. In the practice of SEO, the term “keyword”… Continue Reading

I’m presenting on SEO for PR!

I’m very pleased to announce that I will be presenting to the PRSA Suburban Chicago Chapter on search engine optimization tactics. For more information, and to register, please visit   Here’s the SEO for PR  course description: Psst… I’ve got a good secret. (Public Relations Pros already make great search engine marketers and at my… Continue Reading

Ways for PR to learn SEO

A good way or a PR pro to think of SEO is a lot like the ad equivalency measurement. Remember, when you use to measure the columns of a story and compare it to the cost of advertising to see what essentially the value of your placement was? Yeah, I’m not advocating for AVE’s but you… Continue Reading

Blogging for SEO

Getting started with Blogging for SEO strategy is a partial repost from our Front & Social Chicago blog. The practice of SEO is multifaceted but when you really boil it down, there’s what I consider two main categories. Especially for blogging. 1. Create great content often. Make sure it’s optimized for search engines to best understand how… Continue Reading

Is SEO a bad word?

Since I’m really just getting started with this blog, it’s probably a good time to address the actual nature, or business practice, of search engine optimization. Like public relations, it often gets a bad-wrap for some practices within the industry but, for the most part, the fundamentals of sound SEO practice provide search engines with… Continue Reading

Google Real-Time Analytics

According to Read Write Web, the popular Google Anaytics web traffic management program has launch a beta for real-time analytics.  Today, the tracking software typically allows for data updates for the last day vs. the soon to be new up-to-the-minute tracking. With the real-time data component, it will provide highly useful data for public relations… Continue Reading